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The Team

To stay on top of its field, it is of utmost importance for Corticalis to always have access to the relevant competencies and skills required.

Therefore, Corticalis have created a strong team of highly skilled and motivated researchers in the relevant areas. All team members are either PhDs or PhD candidates and have shown great innovation and a strong understanding of biomaterials and implantology. Corticalis are currently working with a team consisting of 6 team members in addition to Prof. Ellingsen and Prof. Lyngstadaas.



Corticalis is focused on the continued development of its totally owned, new technologies, NuBone and NuBone Clean

Corticalis main goal is to create optimal bone regeneration. To achieve this, the company develops products that enable bone regeneration from both a biological as well as a 3D structural, mechanical guided bone regeneration (hereinafter referred to as 3D-GBR) approach.

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Corticalis AS
Oslo Science Park

Gaustadalléen 21

NO-0349 Oslo



The Innovations


CE marked bone graft for treating conditions such as trauma, tumors, cancer, periodontitis and osteoporosis may lead to bone loss, reduced bone growth and bone volume.

For these and other reasons, it is of great importance to find methods to improve bone growth and to regain bone anatomy. Scaffolds may be used as a framework for the cells participating in the bone regeneration process, but also as a framework as a substitute for the lost bone structure.


NuBone Clean

Novel non-antibiotic debridement gel that both kills and removes bacteria from teeth and infected dental implants. Our gel also regenerate the titanium surface